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  • We return to school on Monday 5th September - Have a lovely summer!                                    Year 6 Leavers Assembly begins at 2pm today                       The remaining inset day this year is  Friday 22nd July                Check out a Facebook page and let us know what you are doing during the summer!
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Welcome to St Michael's C of E Junior School


St Michael's Church of England Junior School is a Good School as recognised by Ofsted in December 2013. 

Pupils and staff at the school are proud of their achievements and we continue to strive for excellence in learning and behaviour.  We provide a loving and caring environment in which all members of the can grow in confidence and develop their full potential

Our personal vision is to enable every child to ‘be the best they can be’.

  • We provide an active involvement in learning for every child.
  • We maintain high standards providing care, challenge and opportunity for all groups.
  • Our team are dedicated professionals who nurture the needs of every child in our school.

We aspire to excellence in all areas of school life enabling each child to fulfil their potential, following the values and teachings of the Christian faith. Our four main values of Respect, Friendship, Happiness and Perseverance run through the whole of our curriculum with the aim of producing polite, well rounded and confident children.

We federated with our outstanding infant School in October 2011. The infant school is a successful and popular school and we are very proud of their high standards of attainment and.  We work closely with the infant staff to make transition for our new year 3 children into Key Stage 2 seamless and an enjoyable experience. We follow the same values ensuring that there is same Christian ethos running through both schools.

 Mrs Sue Heather, Head of School 

"Pupils, regardless of their starting points, make good progress across the school. Teachers have a good understanding of individuals' levels and plan work that challenges pupils to achieve well" Ofsted Inspection