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Information relating to the KS2 Sats results 

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KS2 Data 2017



 This graph compares the percentage of children achieving 'expected' at St Michael's C of E Junior School with national figures.

We are delighted that our Spelling Punctuation and Grammar, Reading and Writing results are for a consecutive year higher than national statistics.  However we recognise that this year our Mathematics result was less pleasing with only 62% of children reaching expected.  This outcome has affected our combined total with only 57% of pupils achieving ‘EXPECTED’ in all three subjects compared to a national result of 61%.

Consequently, the staff and senior leadership team have made immediate, yet informed changes to the mathematics curriculum.  Our intention is clear, to ensure ALL children, no matter what ability, make excellent progress and reach their full potential.  We have revamped our maths programme to make certain children understand the fundamental processes that underpin mathematics; therefore students are expected to achieve a high level of competence before progressing.

For more details please visit our maths page…

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Inspection Data Summary Report unamended 4th January 2018



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KS2  Data 2016





KS2 Summary & Comparison 2016

KS2 Data 2015


Reading, Writing and Maths Level 4+ Combined


Level 4 is the nationally expected level for a child at the end of year 6. The national minimum for schools last year was for at least 65% of year 6 children to reach this level in Reading, Writing and Maths combined. This graph shows that the school achieved slightly less than national in this area in 2014, although in 2015 our data improved and is the equivalent of the national average of 80%.  However our level 5s are significantly higher than the national of 24%.