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Parent Questionnaire 2017/2018

Response to your comments:

My child makes good progress at school:

We hold two parent consultation events each year, one at the beginning of the academic year and the other after the Easter holiday.  We also provide an interim report in February and a final report in July.  These provide teachers with the opportunity to discuss progress with parents, however teachers are more than happy to discuss pupil attainment and progress at any time so if you are concerned, worried or would simply like an update please contact the school office for an appointment or speak to your child’s class teacher at the end of the school day.

 My child receives appropriate homework for their age:

We try very hard to provide homework which engages students in their class based learning at home.  We provide differentiated activities to ensure children can access their learning with minimum support, although we always encourage parents to work with their children as much as possible and extend their learning and understanding through discussion.  Equally a termly homework is given to pupils, this generally relates to the class topic – we believe strongly in allowing pupils to choose, therefore we aim to provide four options, incorporating a range of tasks that can be completed with or without parental support. We suggest parents and their children discuss the options and decide together which activity is appropriate, however if a child wants to attempt more they may do so!  Miss Mercer and Mrs Heather also supervise a class homework club; this can be accessed for 30 minutes during Thursday lunchtimes.  However if you are unhappy about your child’s homework please speak with your class teacher.

The school makes sure its pupils are well behaved

Two parents have suggested they are unsure if the pupil’s at St Michael’s Junior school are well behaved.  Our children are beautifully behaved, respectful and polite, but rather than take our word for it please pop along to school at any time and you can see for yourselves.

  The school deals with bullying effectively

We work very hard to promote positive relationships at school, offering peer mediators and trained staff to deal with daily friendship issues.  Any significant disputes that are brought to our attention are swiftly and appropriately addressed by senior leaders, who ensure parents are informed immediately via a telephone conversation or during a face to face meeting. The incidents are recorded and are fortunately rare.  

 The school responds well to any concerns I raise

We were saddened to note that a parent was dissatisfied with the way a concern was handled and we can only apologise as our school values and ethos are based on ensuring the children and their families are supported and cared for. All staff and senior leaders endeavour to work with our parents and carers.  We offer an open door policy and ensure that a senior leader is always available, along with our family liaison officer, all of whom can relay messages or deal with concerns or worries.


Other Comments


We pride ourselves on offering a variety of methods of communication and attempt to give as much notice as possible to parents in relation to events and dates for diaries.  However as I am sure you will appreciate whilst we try to ensure the newsletter is up to date and includes all upcoming events sometimes things happen at short notice and miss the newsletter deadline, therefore we send out alerts via the app, Facebook or the website. 


 Class Mentors:

It has been suggested that we should use class mentors when new children join the school.  As such a small family orientated school we do not have an official mentor scheme at SMJ, however new children are always ‘buddied’ with a pupil or pupils to ensure they are happy, cared for and know their way round. 


Payments to school: 

We are pleased to advise we are in the process of setting up an online payment scheme and details will be released to parents very soon.  With regard to school dinner payments these are collected by Caterlink direct and unfortunately they do not offer an online payment facility as yet.


 Thank you for all your wonderful positive comments – here are a few…


The school is very good.


Three of my children are attending/have attended this school and I am happy with the progress they’ve made – thanks to the lovely staff.


Fabulous as always.


Our son always seems happy and enthusiastic when talking about school and likes the different reward and recognition schemes in place.


My daughter loves her school and she is happy – she likes her teacher Mr B.


Thank you to all the staff for their hard work.  Both children have made excellent progress and love coming to school.  As parents we couldn’t be happier!


All staff are caring and supportive to help each child achieve the best they can.


Very happy with everything to date.  My son comes home happy from school every day and we couldn’t ask for much more than that!


I have been so happy with my son’s progress since being in Blythe Class. His anxiety has calmed down and he is really enjoying school again.


Mrs Streeter and Mrs Ainsworth are wonderful teachers.  My son comes out with a big smile on this face every day because he has enjoyed himself so much.


The junior school has a wealth of extra-curricular activities that has given my daughter far more confidence.


Brilliant School. Thank you!


My son is very happy at St Michael’s and talks about Mr Faulkner and his lessons and how much he loves being in his class.  I feel confident that if he has any worries or concerns they are listened to and addressed.