English Policy and Vision

We aim to provide a supportive, stimulating and secure environment where children are encouraged to express themselves and where their contributions are valued.  We will provide for the language development of pupils and will develop their ability to use language to think, explore, recognise and communicate their ideas. Our creative curriculum, taught through high-quality core texts aims to inspire a love of literature and a recognition of its relation to other subjects studied in school.


Daily Literacy lessons will teach children specific skills which are then embedded across the curriculum throughout the day. Skills of Literacy are essential to enable pupils to develop into young people who can articulate their ideas, read for pleasure and speak, think and write with eloquence to utilise this throughout every person’s day to day experiences in society.




  • To foster a positive attitude to literacy as an interesting and exciting part of the curriculum.
  • To raise the standard of literacy across the school, for children of all abilities.
  • To enable pupils to express and communicate meaning in spoken language, listening to and interpreting what others say and matching style and response to audience, context and purpose.
  • To provide pupils with a range of relevant and purposeful opportunities to develop their ability to read, understand and engage with various types of text for enjoyment and learning.
  • To enable children to write effectively, using a cursive, joined handwriting style and showing a development in fluency; making and shaping different texts appropriately, according to context, purpose, reader or audience.
  • apply their knowledge and understanding of phonics, spelling patterns and rules, grammar and punctuation to reading and writing opportunities across the curriculum.