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Year 6 Producetion 2017

What a truly amazing performance  of Robin Hood and The Sherwood Hoodies. The laughter could be heard from school to the M20 it was very, very funny and the comic timing was fantastic!  The soloists were faultless and must be congratulated, however when the cast sang together it was sublime - best singing ever.  The acting was excellent, but tribute must be paid to the casting!  Parents, governors, staff and families are very proud of you all - well done year 6 2017!

Founders' Day 

To celebrate our wonderful school we visited the church for a service.  The year 2 children refelcted on their time at the infant school, whilst the year 6 children were presented with certificates and awards- Father Bryson kindly blessed the children with Holy Water and they got wet!  They will be missed, but we all know they have developed into super confident young people who will 'be the best they can be'.


"Do what you Like!"

The teachers decided that the children could simply do what they liked so they set about oranising and planning activities that the pupils could choose to do.  There were board games in one class, lego in another, coloring and art in Blythe, Miss Mercer supervised  storybooks and reading, Townsend supported all things ICT, there was a classroom dedicated to dvds and outside was sporting events from football to dodge ball.  The children were amazing they went where they liked when they liked it was fab! 

Even some of the teachers had fun!

Rain Interups Lessons!

Today was so hot that Mr Faulkner and I decided to play a trick on the staff and children!  We asked them to come outside, to the playground because I needed to speak to them - I was very stern and the children were quite worried.  Mr Faulkner then got them soaking wet with the hose!  The children shreaked with laughter and had a wonderful inpromptu shower!  Mrs Heather

Sports Day 2017

Our sports day took place on Wednesday 5th July.  It was touch and go for a moment as to whether it would take place, not because of rain, but the heat!  However in true SMJ style we stocked up on water, sun cream and hats and spent a wonderful morning taking part in an array of activities from football to gymnastics!  There was also a Dodgeball tournament, which was very exciting!

It was wonderful welcoming parents to eat lunch with the children.  The Lion's Den and Green Area were swarming with picnic blankets, tasty food and proud parents.  After lunch parents accompanied their children, the teachers and Teaching Assistants to Archbishop Courtney - where they were met by even more family members!

The afternoon was began with each house performing terrifying St Michael's Hakkas - then the racing began...

Science Day 2017

 Thursday 29th June was Science Day.  It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to use their scientific knowledge to research, plan, design and create using the TASC wheel - Thinking Actively in a Social Context.  Activities were allocated to year groups, year 3 needed to build a home for woodlice and year's 4 & 5 were given the task of making a working pully system.

In groups the children began to consider what they already knew, before reasearching and designing their prototype, these were then tested and re-evaluatedprior to the children presenting their findings to the class.  It was a wonderful day and the children had such fun!

PGL 2017

The chidren arrived at PGL today and are already having a wonderful time!

Wet Sponges

Due to the heat the year 6 children decided to raise money for their end of year celebration by allowing children to throw wet sponges at a them for a small you can appreciate this idea went down a storm and caused much enjoyment and laughter!

Year 5 Trip to the Commonwealth War Graves  Commission 

 The year 5 children travelled to Surrey on Thursday 15th June to visit the CWGC.  This visit was organised by Diversity House who are working on a project with our school, teaching children about the role African people played during World War I and II.

It was a wonderful day and the children showed such respect when looking at the graves  - the teachers ans other adults were very proud indeed.

Year 6 

After the SATs in May the children decided they needed a little break from all their hard work so they decided to settle down with a good book...lovely!

SMJ Open Afternoon

Parents, carers, family and friends visited SMJ to have a look at what the chidlren have been doing at school - the sun came out for the event so we took advantage of the sunshine!  Thanks to all those who made the afternoon so very special.








Brenchley DT Habitats

The children in Brenchley Class have been learning about habitats and where animals might decide to live.  They worked in groups to plan, design and create a habitat - the results were wonderful...

A day in the life of St Michael's CE Junior School


St Michael's Junior School from Sue Heather on Vimeo.

Costain Poster

Look what a wonderful poster Elias & Felicity in year 6 have created - this will be collected by Costain this afternoon, the engineering company who have worked on the new Tovil Bridge. They hope to create a large version and display it for the whole community to admire. Well done children it is beautiful!

World Book Day 

Mrs PB says goodbye

After 6 six marvellous years St Michael's said a sad farewell to Mrs PB, who is embarking on a new stage in her career.  We will all miss her and wish her all the luck in the world, but have a feeling she won't keep away for long!

Viking Bread Making


Year 3 & 4 had a wonder morning on Wednesday 25th January as our hall and classrooms became a bakery, not any old bakery...a Viking bakery.

Maths skills were required to measure the ingrediants and children were encouraged to read the instructions carefully, paying particular care to the imperative verbs.  All the children had a fantastic time and thanks to our wonderful parents, who agreed to  bake  the bread, they enjoyed a food tasting with lashings of honey - yum!


Medieval Day 



The older children enjoyed a fantastic Medieval Day on Monday.  They dressed up as a character from long ago, with many choosing characters from their Power of Reading book, Macbeth.  During they day they experienced a wealth of task and activities and began to understand what life would have been like for these people.  The end of the day culminated in a banquet fit for King Duncan!

Viking Day


What an amazing day the children had on Thursday 5th January.  As soon as we returned to school after the Christnas break the year 3 & 4 children were thrown head first into a Viking pillage and became warriors of St Michael's Junior School.  

Viking Mannequin Challenge from Sue Heather on Vimeo.

Christmas Church Service


The Infant and Junior schools visited St Michael's Church for their annual church service.  It was a wonderous event and lovely to see so many parents, carers and friends there to share our celebrations.

Rev Mark Pavey very kindly presided over the preceedings and said a prayer and blessing, whilst the chior sang Mary's Boy Child so beautifully.  Ben, Toby and Tancred were the three kings and their solos were absolutely amazing.

Thank you to all the staff, parents and children for making the event so special.



Christmas Lunch & Table Decorations


Our school Christmas lunch took place on Thursday 15th December.  It was super and we had a very special visitor!


 Carols Round the Tree


Parents, staff and pupils, past and present came together to celebrate Christmas.

 Wyatt Class (afternoon group) Visit to Town

Miss Bobbett's afternoon group are working on a project looking at how Maidstone town centre has changed since the Industrial Revolution.  The children decided to pay town a visit and look at the buildings, monuments and gather evidence relating to who lived here before. 



Year 6 Visit to Maidstone Museum

Culpepper and Wyatt classes visited Maidstone Museum to learn about how the Industrial revolution effected our home town.  It was an inspiration day and the children learnt so much about their local area.

Art Club

Art club began in term 1 and the children have enjoyed learning about a variety of artisit such as Kandinsky  We wanted some colourful canvas to fill our library so the theme chosen was books and what else you might find in a library setting.  The children then set about designing and creating some wonderful pieces, which we hope will adorn our library once it has been renovated. 

International Laguages Day - September 2016

On Tuesday 27th September 2016, St Michael's  celebrated all the wonderful cultures, faiths and languages at our school.  

The children enjoyed a variety fun packed activities, they dressed in the colours of their national flags as well as singing national anthems from around the world.

However we also built upon our knowledge of our British Values and sang Great Britain's National Anthem in assembly.

We all felt very proud indeed!


 Whole School Trip to London


The entire school left Maidstone on Monday 12th September and embarked on their journey to South West London where the Lower School pupils visited the Natural History Museum and the Upper School  the Science Museum.

Many children had never visited London so it was a treat to see some of the interesting monuments and famous landmarks.

We made sure we kept in touch with our families back home in Kent so they knew what we were upto, we also posted photogrpahs to show them how much fun we were having!
















Open Afternoon July 2016

Open Afternoon - parents were invited to visit school and look at their children's books.  It was a lovely afternoon and the school was swarming with people!