Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium was introduced by the government in April 2011 and is a payment given to schools, from the Local Authority, to help support children from families on lower incomes - those who have ever been eligible to free school meals since their children started school.

At St Michael's we believe that all pupils should be taught to a good standard, according to their individual needs. In order to accelerate progress and narrow achievement gaps where necessary we use a number of additional strategies. Pupil Premium is partly used to fund these interventions. The monies are designed to diminish the gaps in academic achievement between these children and their peers if necessary. Targeted small group and individual tuition are used daily to help children that need extra support. The use of teachers and teaching assistants who are highly trained also helps to address under-achievement. We employ a highly skilled teacher and intervention teaching assistant to focus on children who have significant learning and social difficulties and a proportion of their salary is covered by the Pupil Premium funding we receive.

More generally we are aiming to accelerate progress by investing time in a range of intervention processes such as 1:1 reading, and small group work. We also provide specific interventions to meet pupils needs, based on external professional advice such as, STLS (schools' teaching and learning service) and Educational Psychologists reports. 

Equally, our Family Liaison Officer provides a daily service for families who require extra support. We will also invest some of these monies into providing broader extended opportunities for these children such as access to after school clubs, forest school or to educational trips they might otherwise miss out on.

The school monitor pupil premium regularly, however a formal review takes place in term 6 ready for the next academic year and to inform our school development process.


Click here for the Pupil Premium Strategy Plan



Click here for the Pupil Premium Strategy Plan


In 2018/2019 we received Pupil Premium funding of £44,200

2018/2019 Executive Summary Pupil Premium Action Plan 2019-2020


In 2017/2018  we received Pupil Premium funding of £54,120

2017/2018 Executive Summary & Pupil Premium Action Plan for 2018/2019


In 2016/2017 we received Pupil Premium funding of £55,440

2016/2017 Executive Summary & Pupil Premium Action Plan for 2017/2018


In 2015/2016 we received Pupil Premium funding of £54, 120.

2015/2016 Executive Summary & Pupil Premium Action Plan for 2016/2017



 In 2014/15 we received Pupil Premium funding of £59,100.



Small group interventions, led by Teaching Assistants and specialists were used to provide Literacy and Numeracy and cognitive programmes in KS2. E.g. Phonics, Maths interventions, speech therapy, SULP, Sensory Circuits etc


Targeted full time nurture group with highly skilled teacher to boost pupil premium children requiring additional focus


Proportion of cost of specialist teachers to support additional learning needs of some pupil premium children


Counselling and pastoral support purchased for some pupil premium children


Trips, clubs and school visits were subsidised for some Pupil premium pupils


FLO - Time spent helping families who need extra support and attending meetings to support poor attendance.(proportion of costs)


Future Spending of Pupil Premium in 2015-2016:


We will continue last year's successful use of Pupil Premium by focussing on the outcomes for all of our Pupil Premium children, providing such additional support as they require to enable them to continue to close any gaps in their attainment and progress and providing opportunities such as trips, clubs, music lessons which they might otherwise be unable to access.