SEESAW Class App Instructions

Below are the SEESAW QR Codes which you can use to access your child's Remote Learning. Through this app, your child will be able to watch teaching videos and ask their class teacher any questions about the learning/activities they have been given. 

Use the following instructions to access SEESAW:

Go to Seesaw | Where learning happens

You can use the link above to access SEESAW on a laptop or computer. Alternatively, if you would like to download the SEESAW CLASS app, you can do so here: What platforms, browsers and operating systems does Seesaw support? – Seesaw Help Center

Then you will need to log in: 

1. Once you have clicked 'log in', you will be directed here: 


2. Click on 'I'm a Student'. You will then be redirected here:

3. Click on 'Scan Code' and then use your child's class QR Code to gain access to the journal. You can email Miss Mercer at the email address below for your child's class app QR code. 


 If you need any further guidance, please contact Miss Mercer via