School Structure

Welcome! Here is the structure for September 2022 -2023

Mrs Lisa Dicker- Executive Headteacher

Miss Lauren Mercer- Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Janine Wain- SENCO- Senior Leader

SENCO Assistant - Mrs Victoria Ainsworth

Mrs Louise Sandy- Business Manager


Polar Bear Class- Y3 Mrs Elle Walker
Jaguar Class- Y3/4 Miss Alice Sutton
Elephant Class- Y4 Mrs Leila Bascal Kelly
Turtle Class- Y5 Mrs Caroline Streeter 
Penguin Class- Y5 Mrs Nicola Ashenhurst

Rhino &

Snow Leopard Class- Y6

Mr Richard Faulkner &

Miss Tracy Bobbett

Office Mrs Angela Gander
Site Manager Mr Ian Kershaw


Support Staff:

PPA Cover- French Teacher- Intervention- Mrs Lucy Dudgeon-Smith

PPA Cover- Music Teacher- Mrs Morag Warren

HLTA- Miss Beth Ring

HLTA- Miss Toni Garbett

TA and MMS- Miss Amy Ridd

HLTA - Mrs Joanne Cullen

TA and MMS- Mrs Anupama Ranjan

TA and MMS- Miss Suzy Neal

TA and MMS- Mrs Sarah Hatherell

TA - Mrs Kirstie Manktelow

TA and MMS- Mrs Jen Brown

TA - Mrs Kelly Valentine


It is a requirement for St Michael's Church of England Junior school to state that they have no staff who earn or exceed £100,000.