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Good evening everyone,
I am sure that you were watching the announcement, as I was, and was completely baffled and confused.. as I was!
However, I have now had confirmation from the Department of Education that Maidstone is indeed in one of the areas where schools are to currently stay closed, with a review date of the 18th January.
This means that both the infant and the junior school will only be open for Key Worker children only.
Please can I ask that you contact me via email - if you fall into a key worker category.
I would like to ask that if there is any way of keeping your children at home, then please do during this time. The staff will be on a rota to come into school, however, as the pandemic is currently at a very high level again it is only fair to the staff that we have as few adults in school as possible during these worrying times. Whilst i understand that many of you will be anxious about both parents needing to work, the closing of schools have been put into place for a reason and we need to follow these guidelines as closely as possible. If there is one parent that can work from home with your child then hopefully this will mean that key worker spaces can be used by families that vitally need them.
There will be comprehensive online learning available from Tuesday 5th January - the teachers will be working hard over the next few days to organise the online learning, however I am very mindful that this is still the Christmas break and with a very uncertain term ahead, the teaching staff still deserve this time with their families.
I know this is not news that will be welcome. I understand the frustrations and anxiety that will be now in place because of the announcement today. I am sorry to be writing a message like this again. We will do everything in our power to make this as easy as possible - all teachers will be available from Tuesday to answer any learning related questions that you may have.
I would like to keep the school closed completely until Tuesday 5th if possible to be able to have enough time to organise the routine and structure for the key worker children, however I will open on Monday if key worker parents need their children to attend and no other arrangement can be made.
Please type your questions on here if you have one or email me on the address above.
May I take this opportunity to wish you a very happy new year. I have high hopes for 2021!!!
Sending you all of my love - please stay safe
Mrs Dicker xx
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